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3 min readMay 10, 2021

● Social Media Marketing.
● Graphic Design for website.
● Content Creation.

Thoughts and Ideology

Snigdham is a Vasai Based, 100% in house produced health store, which empowers above 50% of the Adivasi community in the area and is aiming to make Unrefined, Kacchi ghani, 100% pure, cold pressed oils available at a price which does not break the consumers pocket. We at Canwhart Digital Social Media Management, aimed to reach out to masses with their idea of “not just a business but a thought”.

Prioritizing consumer awareness.

We made the consumers of the brand actually aware of the meaning of the terms like “Cold pressed”, “Kacchi Ghani’’ and “Unrefined”. We analyzed the consumers needs and doubts and made consumer friendly, engaging posts so that the people could understand them properly, adding settled pop colours and simple yet informative graphic designs to grab the viewer’s attention.

By prioritizing consumer awareness we promote the brand while adding upto the brand image simultaneously. Afterall, a consumer has the right to know about the product he/she is buying.

Building a Healthy relationship.

A brand being transparent with their consumers helps the brand augment its image in the eyes of the consumer. We use engaging and interactive posts to constantly communicate with the consumers of the brand and elevate the level of transparency by keeping the facts out there, linking this to consumer awareness, the trust of a consumer is amplified. Building trust among the consumers is a quality of the best social media management agencies. We increased the brand awareness of Snigdham on the selling point of view. We also boosted the reach of the business via Social media marketing and best graphic design and content creation, eventually increasing their sale.

Innovate and fascinate.

Consumers tend to believe in what they see and hence, at Canwhart Digital, we come up with creative ideas to attract consumers while presenting all the necessary information and telling highlights in different styles. We also integrate inviting designs in websites and posts backed by appealing flyers to captivate the viewers.

We integrate colour themes that are pleasing to the eyes while being able to grab a viewer’s attention. The graphic designs we use, usually include things like the use of the product, the production process and the product in its natural form itself. We manage to integrate creativity without compromising on originality.

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