Health and taste do go together now!

3 min readMay 10, 2021

● Product photography.
● Website Development.
● Social Media Management.

Soham Food is an FSSAI approved health food brand. It is based on the motto of “Healthy but Tasty” which they have successfully achieved. With the intention of making tasty and healthy snacks, Soham Food has an array of lip-smacking snack options like different flavours of Khakhra, Puri, Farsan and Faral.

Flavours captured in pictures!

Taste and health, what else could one ask for when it comes to snacks? With pictures as crisp as a Khakhra, we have flavoured the website and social media of Soham Food. Canwhart Digital Social Media Management has designed a flavourful design and theme for Soham Foods integrating food related fonts and colours. The brilliance of product photography can be clearly seen in the pictures as they not only include the product itself but also the ingredients, the pictures indeed are mouth watering.The details of each product can be seen with the picture in the website.

Let the creative juices flow!

Just like Soham Food is creative with their flavours, we are creative with web development, web design and the company profile website. Many creative ideas added up in the creation of the top-tier content.The website integrates colours that are soothing yet inviting, Things like ingredients, size and nutritional value of the products are clearly mentioned on the website, maintaining the sense of trust and transparency among the customers. The website in itself looks appetizing; and with Soham Food, the best part is, you don’t need to compromise on taste for health.

The Perfect Recipe!

The flavourful profile theme is a result of a combination of brilliant product photography, best in class graphic design and food related fonts and themes. Good content creation is a sign of the best social media management agency, adding engaging posts to such good content creation has resulted in increased interaction, increased reach and ultimately increased sales.

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