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3 min readMay 11, 2021

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Fisherman village is a Hotel-resort, with an area of 60 acres and more than 70 thousand happy customers. It is the best place to go for nature lovers who wish to get away from the chaos of the city. Its remote location adds up to the “all-natural” vibe, the seafood cuisine and the seaside surrounding are the cherry on top. Their smartly designed rooms offer personalized services to provide the right ambiance for a relaxing stay for the guests. Fisherman Village is surely one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra if you are looking for a resort in nature.

It is all in the visuals.

The “all-natural” aesthetic of Fisherman Village is accompanied by an animated website specially crafted with wood-like texture and simple yet catchy animations to grab the viewer’s attention. The website shows all the highlights and specifications of the Fisherman Village.

We have integrated creative maps and animated informative slides to grab the attention of a viewer. Accompanied with the special delicacies the website is sure to captivate the viewer. Heavily used keywords are integrated for a boosted SEO performance. The web design and web development was a major step up and it has really affected the outcome as a creative website. The tranquility can really be felt by just looking at the website and the social media.

Seaside is a vibe!

Amidst the pandemic, one really desired to get away to a place like this, Hence, we at Canwhart Digital Social Media Management have opted for a more specific marketing strategy, aside from creating engaging posts and having a creative website, we have tried to make the viewer feel the solace of the Fisherman Village through the pictures which do give out the naturally aesthetic vibe.

We aimed to build a theme to make the profile more vibrant. Aside from coming up with creative ideas we have integrated best graphic designs and have focused on best in class content creation. We are successful in increasing the reach and interaction with the customers and hence, increasing the sales.

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