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2 min readMay 10, 2021

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Sigma Auto Craft Pvt. Ltd. (Sigma) is a Vasai based, ISO Certified and ARAI accredited, vehicle development firm that excels in Bus and Van body designing, building and quality fabrication works. They offer tailor-made solutions and applications in medical vans, cash management, defense, automobile service and special-purpose vehicles. Sigma has now completed 50 years in the automobile industry making them one of the best vehicle fabricators in the market.

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Amidst the pandemic, where the need for medically equipped vans and buses has gone through the roof, we at Canwhart Digital Social Media Management have aimed to increase the brand awareness of Sigma and have displayed the potential of the firm to its customers. We have uplifted the reach of the brand from a business perspective, eventually increasing the number of clients and overall sales.

Sigma offers an array of services and products ranging from Medical vans to Deliver Vans and Food Trucks and sometimes too much information can be a bit confusing. Hence, we assessed the need of people to understand the value of such brands and presented the services and products in such a manner that is easy for people to understand and remember, in other words we made customer friendly and engaging posts so that every customer could totally understand what the brand has to offer.

Creativity on the flow

We presented detailed information about each vehicle and their workflow in an elaborate manner and set up a creative website to display the content on. We integrated info graphics and various new sections like “workflow” and “vehicle development charts”. We put in the effort in the web development process to make sure that the website ticks all the boxes that are required for a creative and attractive website. As one of the best social media management agencies, we made sure we incorporated minute details about the brand in the web design process to give it a personalised touch.

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